Association Officers

Dale Walters
Association Treasurer (2017 - Present)

Association President (2010 - 2017)
Aboard 04 JUL 82 ~ 27 MAY 87

Association Membership

The SSN-690 Sailors Association shall be comprised of members from the following categories:


Any person who has been assigned, attached or otherwise officially under the orders to the USS Philadelphia. This includes crew members, and personnel under TDY orders who have served aboard. In acknowledgement that immediate family members must make sacrifices in support of naval service, crew member*s spouses, significant others, and progeny are also welcome to apply as full members.


Any person who has served in any capacity in any armed force of the United States to include the U.S. Coast Guard and U.S. Maritime Service who have expressed a desire to be part of our organization and to perpetuate our goals. Civilians that have taken part in the construction, maintenance, repair, and/or operation of the U.S. Submarine Force are also invited to join as associates of the association.

All Perspective Members must petition the Officers Board of this Association for inclusion. It shall be the decision of the Officers Board to accept or deny membership in accordance with the Association*s By-Laws.

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