Welcome Aboard

Our goal is to promote events that keep our members in touch and informed. Maintain contact with our ship and her current crew to involve them in all events to keep the generations of *Philly* Sailors bridged. And, as the sixth ship to bear the name USS Philadelphia is retired, to serve as a clearinghouse for maintaining contact between lifelong friends of all ships USS Philadelphia.


A Brief History

The USS Philadelphia Sailor’s Association was initially founded in 2000 by James Milowski (AKA: Milo or Ski) and a handful of his contemporaries from his time serving aboard USS Philadelphia, SSN690. Through the years our organization has grown to include representatives from every year of extraordinary service logged by the Philly.


Mission Statement

To perpetuate the friendship and camaraderie enjoyed by sailors of the USS Philadelphia. In so doing, to keep the traditions and culture of the United States Navy alive and honor those who have come before us.


2023 Reunion News

Visit the Reunion News page (link in the left menu) for the latest registration form and list of events.


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